Step One: Select file
Step Two: Upload selected file:

What is it?
This functionality allows you to add your address list (including attributes) and overlay that info on the map. Also known as address matching or geo-coding.
Click here to open a TEXT file template.
Click here to open an EXCEL file template.
Only Tab or Pipe delimited Text file (.txt) and Excel (xls or xlsx) file formats are supported.
Your file must have a column named as "ADDRESS", which matches our recommended format. You must use a physical address location in Orange County, FL. Please don’t use PO boxes, city name, zip-codes in the ADDRESS field.
Only the first 50 addresses in the file will be used. Don't include more than 30 columns in your file, as this will slow down your experience. Please keep your file size under 200k.
Unmatched addresses will be displayed in the results block.
Avoid to use special characters (~&*#^$@!><) in your file.
We recommend using a text file in-lieu of an Excel file.
Follow the steps:
1. Click "browse.." button to locate your file
2. Click "Upload File" button to upload your file
3. Click "View Address" button to view your address on the map